glass partition in dubai

Are you trying to find a Glass Partition in Dubai? So,  don’t worry you are in the right place we are experts in a glass partition in Dubai.

Our experts provide a full consultant to you regarding your partition area. We have a well-trained team that measures your partition place and provides a complete  partition raw sketch with an expert suggestion.

Optimization of your spaces to make them look bigger with well-organized cabin spaces is a crucial thing.

Divider partition Dubai serves a great purpose as there are several buildings and immense opportunities for different types of business.

We have our own processing plant, where we produced modern glass partition dividers top-notch interior glass entryways for offices according to customer requirements. If you want our services Contact Us

The assortment of glass types, outline completions, and embellishments give our customers straightforward, utilitarian, and snazzy decisions to suit their needs.

Types of Glass Partition in Dubai

The most adopted trend in Dubai is glass partition. People are prefer glass partition for a commercial and residential areas. In this time most commonly used glass partition wall panel are are following

10mm 12mm Glass Types

Note: These types of glass easily handle 500 to 700 weights

  • low iron clear tinted tampered glass partition wall
  • printing glass partition wall
  • Ceramic frit Glass Partition

5,5mm 6,6mm Glass Types

Note: This Glass is NOT a safety glazing by building code

  • Laminated Safety glass Wall
  • Insulated glass Partition

Curved Glass Partition

PDLS Glass Partition wall

if we talk about office glass partition types do most trending office partition types in Dubai UAE are the following:

  • Acoustic Glass Partition
  • Bespoke Office Partition
  • Curved Glass Partition
  • Double Glazed Glass
  • Faceted
  • Single Glazed


Permitting regular light to come in while halting undesirable pedestrian activity in private work zones effectively supports assurance and efficiency.

We have full quality authority over the creation of our inside glass entryways, guaranteeing each glass entryway addresses our customer’s issues.

Office divider partition UAE is one of the most common activities which is being carried out while panning for new office spaces.

Types of Office Glass Partition

Acoustic partitions

Acoustic partitions

Demountable partitions

Demountable partitions

Glass partitions

Glass partitions

Solid partitions

Solid partitionsInside glass entryways tackle space arranging difficulties, including the need to have workplaces keyed separately. We offer adaptability and ecologically suitable items.

Our expect to create solid business associations with building engineers, property directors, and other firms, as they invest wholeheartedly in enhancing their workspaces over the globe.

Glass dividers and allotments take care of common light and simple customization to advance usefulness.

Stacking glass entryways open up a story plan in a moment or two and effectively slide shut to bolt when wanted. Inside glass entryways advance adaptability and assume a tremendous function in re-purposing space on the fly.

A counsel space for instance can be changed into a meeting room in minutes. Sliding entryways, swing entryways and glass dividers take into account customer’s needs and improve the ease of use of the space.

Glass walled in Dubai areas and meeting rooms support uplifted inventiveness.